A Holistic & Sustainable YOU: Raising YOUR Vibration

Raising your vibration, your energy field, begins and ends with you.  YOU have to be the key player and an active participant in your overall health and wellness.  One may work with expert natural healers and/or “traditional” practitioners but one can not surrender their power and expect to be “fixed”.  Instead, it needs to be a collaborative effort.  No-one knows “YOU” better than YOU.  Each and every one of us holds our own “library of information”  in our cells from past experiences/interpretations. This along with our innate guidance system, more commonly known as our intuition, gives us our SUPER POWERS that stretch far beyond what our limited minds can imagine.   The only way to truly heal what ails us is to step into our power and be responsible for our own health and outcomes.  Education, experience and being in-tune with our body, mind, spirit and emotions (being mindful and present) at any given time helps in guiding us to that state of balance on a daily basis.  If all of this is to work, we also need to have that beacon of light called HOPE or PURPOSE in our life (our dreams, desires and aspirations) to see us through the days when all else has seemingly failed us. Our hope will always be the guiding light until we can regroup and regain the momentum needed to step into the presumed fear and move forward once again. And those days most certainly come into our life.


I would like to focus on energy, more specifically vibrational frequency.  Energy, we are all made of it.  The easiest example is an EKG.  We are alive, our heart registers a rhythm.  We die, that rhythm becomes a flat line. And we can also say that everything has its own vibrational energy pattern.   The stronger the intensity, the higher the energy.   The energy we are made of connects us to all living things as well as the Universe and ultimately attracts equal energy into our life. For example, when we are in a good mood we have an affinity for things that are vibrating at the same higher level and we experience love and all the feelings and encounters that resonate at the same level. We say we are having a great day! The opposite is true as well. When we are experiencing thoughts of fear (a lower vibrational energy) we attract more of the same and our experience is different.


That being said, many things are contributing to our overall daily experience.  The food we ingest plays a leading role in our overall health depending on the energy it holds.  The highest source of pure energy comes from foods that are the first source from the sun, plants.  Plants pull nutrients from the medium they are growing in, interpreting the environment they exist in and gathering power for their activity from the sun. Unadulterated, unprocessed, plant-based nutrition and information ready for the taking.  I really don’t think I need to go into great detail regarding what we have available in abundant quantities these days for our “nourishment”.  The next time you take a trip into any local grocery store, truly open your eyes and see what is “posing as food”.  Our food choices dictate our overall energy resources and contribute to the information being provided to our cells causing the particular genetic expressions  Epigenetics  Eating processed “food-like” imposters will lower our vibrational frequency by not providing the necessary fuel to our cells while concomitantly promoting pathogenic overgrowth  (single-celled organisms with their “own agenda”) leading to decreased immunity, the production of excitatory neurotransmitters and more.  This will ultimately becomes a contributing factor of our minds developing negative scenarios, mind chatter and channel our focus to thoughts based on fear (gut/brain connection).


Our bodies receive energy straight from the sun as well. Our cells need the direct exposure to the sun (not just for the vitamin D production). They become activated by light and act like tiny solar panels (taking in light energy) to produce ATP (energy) within the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) providing the resource needed for the cells to conduct the activities necessary for their optimal functionality.  The different frequencies of light from the sun provide us with diverse healing power (i.e. far infrared light spectrum, UVB).


We also require direct connection to the earth Grounding/Earthing absorbing the frequency from the earth directly to balance our body and enhance healing capabilities



WE ARE EACH OTHERS MEDICINE.  When we share our story, our life experiences, we give others a gift from our heart and help them be comforted, knowing they are not alone in their trials and tribulations. I always say that our greatest strength lies within our weakness or weak moments. To show your vulnerability openly, allowing the experience to be part of who you are. This is how we help one-another heal. Your particular experience, your story will resonate with someone and give them the hope and the permission to be in the moment of rawness and the “broken” pieces that are part of our existence. From there one can integrate all of what they is into “oneness” and once again raise our vibration to a higher level than before. The power of sharing our story is amazing. Coming from the heart unconditionally holds the greatest power of all.  Choose the people you surround yourself with wisely ;0)


Sound wave vibrational healing Yet another avenue to raise our vibration and energy and shift into a higher frequency. Singing bowls, chimes, bells, triangles.


Stillness and meditation There is a great power and energy gained when we become still. This gives our body the permission to unplug. Sensory deprivation tanks are a great way to achieve stillness and a meditative state.


We are all beautiful human beings.  Beauty is a state of grace and longevity.  Our beauty is enhanced when we are healthy, happy, loving and full of vitality.  [It’s that “did you do something different with your hair or something? Because you look different” statement. Yes, that ] Truly being in the moment and mindful to our continuous state of flux expands our horizons in the continuity of good health.

So many ingredients are a part of our individual health and overall well-being every day.  These ingredients will also vary in combination according to our growth in body, mind, spirit and our interaction with environment around us. We can only truly heal ourselves when we tap into this source of power.

I have only touched upon the some of the ways we can raise our vibrational energy. I would love to hear from you and any insight you may have gained on your journey of improving your health. Please share your story.  You never know who’s heart you will touch and how many lives you can enhance by telling your story.



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