We have all been feeling the shift in energy whether we realize it or not.  Experiencing our unique journey toward this expansion of consciousness. These changes are being felt in the physical and metaphysical.  The “Shift” is calling forth all of us to be each others “medicine”. Therefore we need practitioners who are well versed in different modalities to help support the unique expression of health and vitality of each individual. It is a proactive (versus reactive) approach to health and overall well-being which focuses on proper nutrition, supplementationmovement and emotional balance which ultimately all funnels into spirituality, Self-Love and SelfCare.

Here at Bare Bones our goal is simple and heartfelt.

Our Integrative/Holistic pharmacist puts great pride in empowering each individual with the knowledge and tools they need to embrace their life’s true potential. This is accomplished by incorporating a personalized approach.

What does this mean exactly?     It’s simple.

Each and every person is considered a unique individual.  Their physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental influences that affect their health are addressed.  We then apply a personalized strategy that considers their unique conditions, needs and circumstances.  We use the most appropriate interventions from an array of scientific disciplines to reverse the process of illness and disease and help people to regain and maintain optimum health.

Our holistic pharmacist works with all ages and ailments.

For example, are you tired of experiencing side effects from your medications? Are you being prescribed new medications to off-set the side effects of what you are already taking? Did you know that pharmacists have the greatest knowledge and education when it comes to knowing medications, interactions and their side effects? Did you also know that side effects occur due to nutrient depletions caused by medications? Fact; replenish the specific nutrients (ie. vitamins, minerals etc.) known to be depleted and reverse the side effects. Pretty simple and amazing right?  That’s one of the many things we do here at Bare Bones,  get down to the BASICS and help the body reverse the disease process!

Did you also know that we give ourselves our physical ailments? Did you ever hear the phrase “Where the Mind Goes, The Body Follows”? Well, it certainly does. This is yet another way we help our clients to overcome their obstacles and gain their ability to heal.

Every individual is treated with respect and kindness but most of all unconditional love and support on their journey to a better life.

Let us help you change your life for the better. Forever!


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Natalia A. Mordwinkin, RPh

Integrative/Holistic Pharmacist

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