COMPREHENSIVE CLEANSING PROGRAM Parasite Cleanse Protocol- For Optimal Health

Humans are hosts to 300 species of parasitic worms and over 70 species of protozoa. Parasitic infections have been known to exist in findings of archeological material.  The History of Human Parasitology describes the discovery of a parasite and its association with a particular disease as well as the recognition of a disease and it being discovered to have been caused by a parasite.  Therefore, to have a co-existence of “foreign” microbiota within our human body is a natural phenomena.  It is on the other hand the excessive infiltration of these  pathogens that is causing a great influx of foreign DNA which contributes to the “unexplained” auto-immune responses within us or what we commonly label as DIS-ease.  Some common examples are: viral diseases such as herpes, cancer, allergies & sinus infections, skin rashes, dermatologic infections, arthritis, dental infections, mold/mycotoxins, urinary tract infections, prostate & systemic inflammation, SIBO and even mental health disorders.  Our ever growing poor nutritional status along with increased stressors provide “fuel” to these organisms which in-turn play a leading role in our declining health and the increased rate of disease.

How do we acquire these parasitic “creatures” anyway?  Pathogens have many routes of entry into the human body and they have adapted in many ways, modifying our immune system’s response. One of the ways that they avoid the immune system is by forming biofilms. Within the protective cover of the biofilm they can evade and become resistant to standard treatments. Biofilms are a contributing factor to the recurrence of infection as well as the progression of many chronic illnesses. For example, biofilms can be found on the skin, teeth, the gut and the mucosa of the nose. They are a collection of one or more microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, protists. Our own DNA comes predetermined with ancestral parasitic DNA  and as we go along our daily lives and travels we  come in contact with many microbes.  While submerging ourselves into diverse ecosystems to populate our microbiome is much a part of our humanness and evolution, we have become overburdened with parasites that do not serve our greatest good. Therefore, we need to have an individualized approach to harmonize our inner ecosystem for vibrant health.

What to expect: This cleanse will reduce your total pathogenic load (bacterial, viral, parasitic, fungal). Replenish and harmonize your favorable microbiota. Heal leaky gut and begin to reverse signs of aging along with the causes of disease. Improving your overall health and well-being.

This protocol is not meant to take the place of any medical treatment plan you may be currently undergoing. This may however be used as nutritional support during the treatment. It is designed for use under the supervision of a qualified healthcare practitioner.



  • Liver-kidney cleanse system/kit
  • Botanicals: antimicrobial and biofilm dissolvers (bacteriostatic & bactericidal herbs)
  • Probiotics (tailored to your specific needs)
  • Toxin Binders
  • Digestion & Vitality support
  • Individualized assessment, detailed instructions and assistance
  • Reassessment & evaluation of progress at the end of the two months

**Please note:  a continuation of treatment may be necessary and will be addressed in collaboration with each individual undergoing the program to determine specific needs. Pricing for the continued treatment and support will be determined at that time.