Beyond Scratching The Surface of Skin Anomalies : A Deeper Look Inside Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne/Boils

It’s time to look and feel better than you have ever felt!

A brief look into what is happening behind the scenes. Skin abnormalities occur due to a “perfect storm” of events. When our channels of elimination (i.e. lymphatic system, digestive tract, kidneys, liver) have degenerated into inactivity due to the lack of proper nourishment and attention we become impacted with accumulated waste product. The impurities (waste products from digestion, parasites, toxins etc) need to be continuously eliminated. If the main organs of elimination are not functioning properly the debris begins to concentrate in the blood stream, circulating the waste to the surface and accumulating in our pores and our skin. We end up with the following outward anomalies psoriasis, eczema, acne/boils

Psoriasis involves a colony of parasites feeding on morbid matter and body waste in the system, attempting to leave the body and creating “residue” on the skin due to the standard elimination pathways being blocked.

Eczema is an inflammatory condition of the skin that may be the result of a poorly functioning lymphatic system.

Because the waste is not able to pass through the liver, kidneys and bowels it becomes concentrated in the blood stream. It can then involve the sweat glands, pores and hair follicles causing the previously mentioned conditions acne and/or boils. These may appear as infections of the skin but are in fact impurities in the bloodstream attempting an exit.

What exactly is this “Perfect Storm”?

Let’s begin with our consumption of concentrated starch/carbohydrates (bread, cakes, cereals, doughnuts, pasta, rice, sugar, soft drinks, commercial ice cream). Yes, all the easy, “go-to” foods that we are now so accustomed to eating. They are extremely destructive to our well-being and result in nourishment deficiencies. These processed & ultra-processed foods are void of nutrients and can not provide the resources needed by our cells for energy and proper regeneration. Furthermore, the destruction of enzymes in the process converts the consumed “foods” into “dead matter”, feeding the unwanted organisms in our digestive tract and literally “clogging-up” our system resulting in constipation or even loose stools bringing about an alarming number of ailments that will manifest in many ways including the skin.

What can YOU do?

Replenish & Nourish: For starters you can choose fresh vegetables and fruit in place of the concentrated starches and carbs. Make the vegetables the larger component of your plate rather than the carbs or flesh proteins. Drink plenty of water and naturally decaffeinated teas. I personally like to drink Pellegrino water. It is rich in minerals which our body needs for proper cellular function. Making a pitcher of herbal tea is also great way of getting nutrients and having a variety of flavors. Adding cucumbers, mint, strawberries for example is yet another option. Replenish and nourish your body. You can start by simply including more fruits and vegetables.

Speaking of replenishing and hydrating, have you tried juicing? There are many benefits to juicing. Celery juice in particular has made tremendous improvements in peoples skin anomalies. (The Medical Medium has more details in this link if you are interested.) So why is this? Well, celery is rich in sodium and sodium plays a very important part in bathing our cells and a multitude of other body processes. It is especially important in maintaining the fluidity/flow of the blood and lymph (a colorless fluid that circulates throughout our lymphatic system. It acts as a filter collecting and removing microbes, toxins and other debris). This type of sodium is the vital ORGANIC sodium which is derived from fresh vegetables and some fruits. This is very different from the “regular” table salt, due partly to its extreme temperature processing and other adulteration. (Regular table salt is not completely water soluble and can cause hardening of the arteries, varicose veins and other ailments with excessive use.) Celery juice also contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, folate as well as vitamins A, C and K. I personally like the Omega Low-Speed Masticating Vertical Juicers since they better preserve the nutrients including the natural enzymes found in the fruits and vegetables. You can always start by trying out some already prepared store bought juices or visiting your local juice bar.

Movement/Exercise is critical to overall good health and an important component to our “fountain of youth”. We need to be “in-flow” to prevent stagnation on all levels. Pick something you enjoy doing, be consistent. Ad on various types of movements/exercises/modalities as you progress. It is important to continue to challenge yourself. Daily stretching and walking is a wonderful place to start in your “flow”. Work up a sweat, take a nice relaxing epsom salt bath. Your body will appreciate you.

Supplemental Support: In order to enhance the healing and elimination process we add in supplementation that is derived from plants in a carefully orchestrated and individualized fashion to support and harmonize the system inside and outside. This added assistance results in an advanced and accelerated healing process by making it difficult for pathogens to resist your immune system. This is accomplished by crowding out the pathogens while supporting the proliferation of healthy gut flora producing a harmonious internal and external environment which results in “reverse-aging”. Yes, you can reverse age.

Other health benefits “side-effects” you can experience while on this program: digestive health improved (candida, SIBO, Parasites, C. diff, stomach flu or food poisoning), systemic Mold/Mycotoxin elimination, allergies/ respiratory/sinus issues resolved, urinary tract/prostate infections alleviated, resolve auto-immune disease , Lyme Disease and its complications, dental/oral infections including herpes family improved. The list goes on!

You are one step away from uncovering your true essence. You have landed in the right place at the right time. This is Synchronicity at its best. The individualized program is a gateway to taking charge of your own health and the empowerment to creating the future you are dreaming of. When you look good, you feel good then all else falls into place. Yes, you can have it ALL! Give me a call today!

A Holistic & Sustainable YOU: Raising YOUR Vibration

Raising your vibration, your energy field, begins and ends with you.  YOU have to be the key player and an active participant in your overall health and wellness.  One may work with expert natural healers and/or “traditional” practitioners but one can not surrender their power and expect to be “fixed”.  Instead, it needs to be a collaborative effort.  No-one knows “YOU” better than YOU.  Each and every one of us holds our own “library of information”  in our cells from past experiences/interpretations. This along with our innate guidance system, more commonly known as our intuition, gives us our SUPER POWERS that stretch far beyond what our limited minds can imagine.   The only way to truly heal what ails us is to step into our power and be responsible for our own health and outcomes.  Education, experience and being in-tune with our body, mind, spirit and emotions (being mindful and present) at any given time helps in guiding us to that state of balance on a daily basis.  If all of this is to work, we also need to have that beacon of light called HOPE or PURPOSE in our life (our dreams, desires and aspirations) to see us through the days when all else has seemingly failed us. Our hope will always be the guiding light until we can regroup and regain the momentum needed to step into the presumed fear and move forward once again. And those days most certainly come into our life.


I would like to focus on energy, more specifically vibrational frequency.  Energy, we are all made of it.  The easiest example is an EKG.  We are alive, our heart registers a rhythm.  We die, that rhythm becomes a flat line. And we can also say that everything has its own vibrational energy pattern.   The stronger the intensity, the higher the energy.   The energy we are made of connects us to all living things as well as the Universe and ultimately attracts equal energy into our life. For example, when we are in a good mood we have an affinity for things that are vibrating at the same higher level and we experience love and all the feelings and encounters that resonate at the same level. We say we are having a great day! The opposite is true as well. When we are experiencing thoughts of fear (a lower vibrational energy) we attract more of the same and our experience is different.


That being said, many things are contributing to our overall daily experience.  The food we ingest plays a leading role in our overall health depending on the energy it holds.  The highest source of pure energy comes from foods that are the first source from the sun, plants.  Plants pull nutrients from the medium they are growing in, interpreting the environment they exist in and gathering power for their activity from the sun. Unadulterated, unprocessed, plant-based nutrition and information ready for the taking.  I really don’t think I need to go into great detail regarding what we have available in abundant quantities these days for our “nourishment”.  The next time you take a trip into any local grocery store, truly open your eyes and see what is “posing as food”.  Our food choices dictate our overall energy resources and contribute to the information being provided to our cells causing the particular genetic expressions  Epigenetics  Eating processed “food-like” imposters will lower our vibrational frequency by not providing the necessary fuel to our cells while concomitantly promoting pathogenic overgrowth  (single-celled organisms with their “own agenda”) leading to decreased immunity, the production of excitatory neurotransmitters and more.  This will ultimately becomes a contributing factor of our minds developing negative scenarios, mind chatter and channel our focus to thoughts based on fear (gut/brain connection).


Our bodies receive energy straight from the sun as well. Our cells need the direct exposure to the sun (not just for the vitamin D production). They become activated by light and act like tiny solar panels (taking in light energy) to produce ATP (energy) within the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) providing the resource needed for the cells to conduct the activities necessary for their optimal functionality.  The different frequencies of light from the sun provide us with diverse healing power (i.e. far infrared light spectrum, UVB).


We also require direct connection to the earth Grounding/Earthing absorbing the frequency from the earth directly to balance our body and enhance healing capabilities



WE ARE EACH OTHERS MEDICINE.  When we share our story, our life experiences, we give others a gift from our heart and help them be comforted, knowing they are not alone in their trials and tribulations. I always say that our greatest strength lies within our weakness or weak moments. To show your vulnerability openly, allowing the experience to be part of who you are. This is how we help one-another heal. Your particular experience, your story will resonate with someone and give them the hope and the permission to be in the moment of rawness and the “broken” pieces that are part of our existence. From there one can integrate all of what they is into “oneness” and once again raise our vibration to a higher level than before. The power of sharing our story is amazing. Coming from the heart unconditionally holds the greatest power of all.  Choose the people you surround yourself with wisely ;0)


Sound wave vibrational healing Yet another avenue to raise our vibration and energy and shift into a higher frequency. Singing bowls, chimes, bells, triangles.


Stillness and meditation There is a great power and energy gained when we become still. This gives our body the permission to unplug. Sensory deprivation tanks are a great way to achieve stillness and a meditative state.


We are all beautiful human beings.  Beauty is a state of grace and longevity.  Our beauty is enhanced when we are healthy, happy, loving and full of vitality.  [It’s that “did you do something different with your hair or something? Because you look different” statement. Yes, that ] Truly being in the moment and mindful to our continuous state of flux expands our horizons in the continuity of good health.

So many ingredients are a part of our individual health and overall well-being every day.  These ingredients will also vary in combination according to our growth in body, mind, spirit and our interaction with environment around us. We can only truly heal ourselves when we tap into this source of power.

I have only touched upon the some of the ways we can raise our vibrational energy. I would love to hear from you and any insight you may have gained on your journey of improving your health. Please share your story.  You never know who’s heart you will touch and how many lives you can enhance by telling your story.



Seasonal Cleansing. Why is it so important?

Cleansing with the seasons change and eating seasonably is invaluable to our health. We help our body make the shift into Fall/Winter and then into Spring/Summer.  Focusing on local organically grown produce gives our body the ability to be in rhythm with the nature around us.  When we consume local produce we obtain the healing compounds that the plants have acquired during their exposure to the environment known as phytochemicalsContinue reading “Seasonal Cleansing. Why is it so important?”

Reversing and Slowing the Process of Aging: Pharmacy in Your Kitchen

In my late 30’s I began to reflect on my life growing up with two very strong Russian women as my role models (my mom and my grandma or as I called her, babushka, babi for short) direct descendants form old world Russia.  I was working as a full-time traditional retail pharmacist at a local chain at the time and in the midst of questioning my role in the realm of making the difference in improving people’s health.  Something I took great pride in and filled my heart to be able to be in a position to make that kind of an impact.  Which, after all, was my whole reason for going to pharmacy school.

At this point I had been witness to many things in the medical/pharmacy world that did not settle well with me.  Drug recalls (pulling an FDA approved medication off the market/not available for sale).  One in particular that made an impact on me was an antibiotic that was taken off the market after it caused over 3,000 deaths (many of which were children).  The unavailability of Coumadin 5mg (brand name blood thinner at the most commonly prescribed dose) which we as pharmacists had to call the patients doctors and have them re-write the prescription until it was available once again.  The list went on.  The many incidents left me feeling like there had to be another way, an ability to safe-guard the public better.  I wasn’t quite sure what, but I felt like there was another approach, one which was more in-tune with what I envisioned my role to be in “Saving Lives” (a statement that I used to chuckle at when I was a teenager as one of the pharmacists would say that to our customers.  I would think, “well that is quite a bold statement to make”.)   Now here I was searching for a safer more consistent healing approach.

I  began recalling different home remedies that my mom and babushka would use.  (When this is part of your daily life, of course, it doesn’t stand out right away.)   One thing I remembered was my mom going out in the back yard and picking broad leaf plantain leaves (In Russian Podoroshnik = “by/on the path/road”) and applying them to my babushka’s forearm and wrapping it in a bandage to treat a black fly bite that had caused her arm to swell.  It worked! (Plantain Formulas)           Another memory was my babushka using active yeast and sugar with the sour cherries from our tree in the back yard and leaving it outside in a lightly covered, breathable mesh covering the mouth of a glass bottle on the screened-in porch during the late summer months.  That memory came rushing the first time I opened a bottle of Kombucha.  The fermented smell brought me right back.  My family and I grew up eating borscht, not only the beet version (red borscht, high in fiber, Vitamin B & C, great for liver, heart and digestive system as well as your circulatory system) but also the green (Shchaveloviy) borscht (high in vitamin A & C, riboflavin and great for the eyes, heart).  The green borscht main ingredient sorrel (shchavel), grew wild in the back yard and my mom and Babushka would pick that giving this version a tangy lemony taste.  It would be served with a cut-up hard boiled egg, some fresh dill and a squeeze of lemon.  Delicious!  We also had apple trees, pear trees, peach tree, grapes, raspberries, strawberries, white and red currant bushes (made some amazing preserves), multiple flower gardens as well as a full vegetable garden in our backyard.  My mom counted every penny, we were not exactly wealthy.  But oh the abundance of true medicine and love in our kitchen, what I consider the real pharmacy or “apothecary” for my practice today. Something that I hope to evolve into today’s “modern apothecary” where I could help serve as the bridge between the medical world and contribute the teachings of natural medicine to the up and coming pharmacists of our future.

I have included the recipes for the two soups mentioned above.  Always cook with love in your heart and please share with your family, friends and loved ones.  For when you cook with love, you enhance the life-force of that food so it can nourish your body, mind and soul.  I will leave you with something I remember my babushka would say,Preeyatnava Apeeteeta!  Bon Apetit, Enjoy!


Traditional Beet Borscht

4 cups vegetable broth

1 small potato peeled and quartered

2 cloves minced garlic

2 cups grated carrots

2 cups grated beets

2 cups shredded cabbage

2 large Bay leaves

1/2 tsp dried basil (or use 6 leaves of fresh basil)

Himalayan sea salt and black pepper to taste

1 large can/container stewed tomatoes and juice

1/4 cup olive oil

fresh dill and sour cream (or vegan version sour cream)

Pour 4 cups of vegetable broth in saucepan. Add potato, garlic, bay leaves and dried basil simmer until potatoes are tender.  Add carrots, beets and cabbage stir together and simmer until tender.  Add the container of stewed tomatoes (if you can get your hands on any home-made canned tomatoes OR sauce please use that!) and simmer for 15 minutes.  Add olive oil, himalayan sea salt and black pepper to taste. Pour into individual bowls garnish with 1 tsp of fresh dill and a tablespoonful of sour cream. Serve and enjoy!

Green (Shchaveloviy) Borscht

8 cups vegetable broth

3 medium potatoes peeled and cubed

3/4 cup chopped leeks

3 cloves minced fresh garlic

2 Bay leaves

1 cup loosely packed lightly chopped Fresh Parsley

1/2 cup olive oil

3 large handfuls of Sorrel chopped

1 Lemon

Himalayan Sea salt and pepper to taste

Hard boiled eggs peeled and cubed

Fresh Dill & Parsley

In a large saucepan saute leeks, garlic, bay leaves and parsley in 1/4 cup of olive oil until leeks are slightly transparent.  Add vegetable broth and cubed potatoes to the pan, cover and simmer on medium heat for 20 minutes.  Add chopped sorrel and 1/4 cup olive oil as well as salt and pepper to taste and simmer covered for another 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Squeeze the juice of 1/2 to 1 whole lemon and stir together.  Pour into individual bowls and serve with cubed hard boiled egg and a tablespoon combination of fresh dill and parsley.


Time To Reach The Masses- How Does Our Health Deteriorate?

Hello!  So many things I would like to share with everyone.  Where to start?

That has been my dilemma for quite some time now.  Today I make that move and simply put the foot forward and begin this part of my journey with my first baby step, BLOGGING….


What Causes Our Health To Deteriorate?

I am going to explain by combining my education, life experiences (both professional and personal), my lifetime of observing, the results I have been able to achieve with my patients as well as concrete studies and other expert findings.  My hope is to help as many people as I can to achieve the most amazing health, happiness and a more fulfilled life.

It’s Time To Thrive, Not Just Survive!


Energy/Vibration: Lets Start Here

Best way to begin this explanation is like this.  Have you ever walked into a room or stood next to someone and got a “feeling”?  Good or Bad.  It doesn’t matter.  You felt SOMETHING.  Everything has a vibrational energy (FREQUENCY) of it’s own (Quantum Physics) including YOU.   Animals communicate in this fashion as well as every living organism.   We as humans happen to be able to put words to this phenomena and describe how it makes us feel.  Have you every wrapped your arms around a tree and felt what that feels like? It’s pretty amazing.  Now back to the living organisms.  Pathogens;  bacteria, fungus (fungi), viruses (anyone remember when the correct way of saying multiples as Viri?), parasites.  They all communicate via Quorum Sensing.  The transmission frequency is different depending if they are in their Planktonic state (leaving the biofilm and dispersing) or in a group as a Biofilm (microbial community). The first biofilm was studied by microbiologist, Anton van Leeuwenhoek, when he scraped the plaque biofilm from his teeth and observed it under his microscope.  Cystic Fibrosis, pain at the site of an artificial hip replacement, artificial heart valve, tooth decay, kidney stones, toxic shock syndrome are just a few examples of medical issues caused by biofilm.  It wasn’t until the 1980’s-1990’s that scientists began to truly understand what an elaborate organization of bacterial gathering as biofilm is. [Costerton, J.W., Stewart, P.S. et al (1999). Bacterial Biofilms: a common cause of persistent infections. Science (New York, NY) ]


Fountain of Youth: Mind/Body Connection

Overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria plays a tremendous role on our mind and our body.  Imagine a multitude of single-celled organisms cohabitating within.  Each contributes its own DNA to your living human organism’s environment.  Think about this for a moment and ask yourself  “who is really running the show”?

There are many resources from experts to point to how we are influenced genetically as well as mentally in our individual expression of health.  To name a few: Virus of the Mind by Richard Brodie; The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton; Beyond Fear: A Toltec Guide to Freedom and Joy, The Teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz (“Parasite of the Mind”).  We all have heard the saying, “Where our mind goes our body follows” All of this is vibrational.  To add some more insite, our subconscious is programmed from age 0-6 when the brain is in Theta frequency mode.  Whatever you tell your child at this age it will register as true leaving the subconscious mind to run 95% of it’s adult life from this particular pattern of beliefs.

Frequencies. Vibrations.  This is the future of truly healing the body and prolonging our vibrant health.  One must also include the vibrational energy of the foods we eat, beverages we consume. The increased frequency we emit with regular exercise through endorphin production etc, laughter/joy, seeing the beauty/positive in every situation.  Raising our own vibrations makes for a force field or a shield that protects from invading “lower” frequencies as well as providing an environment that no longer will play host to what once fed off of us.  Our internal vitality and vibrancy becomes our external glow, our “Fountain of Youth”.


Holistic Approach: the only way to get lasting results

In order to reverse the process of disease and improve overall health and vitality, one must be fluid in the process.  One would be best served to be under the direct supervision of a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner using a multitude of modalities that are specific to that individual.  Healing comes to the body, mind and spirit.  This includes specific herbals, enzymes, supplements, foods to eliminate/include, emotional/energy healing, movement, stillness/quietness and so on.  This type of approach not only helps heal the process of disease but also provide an education for each individual so they can build and continue to grow their own arsenal of healing going forward.

Change your vibration and attract more of what you want in your life!


-Natalia Mordwinkin, RPh Holistic Pharmacist