September 23, 2017

Natalia Mordwinkin is what happens when you combine a first class mind with a warm, genuinely caring heart, and then add a soul that is old enough to know that sometimes the conventional way is not the best way.  If you let her she will help you sort through the options, and find the best way to achieve physical health and general wellness


March 10, 2017

   Another year has come and gone as I continue my journey.  Working with Natalia’s expertise and guidance I was strong enough to start the gym last Spring.  I continue to grow in strength and confidence as I move through life towards my own new career.  I have met amazing people that have become dear friends.  I continue to explore new modalities in healing, all been amazing and all have had benefits.  My vision has even improved!!  At this point I am feeling as good as I did before the stress of life got to be too much.  I know that I can and will be even healthier though!  All these great strides have been with Natalia’s direction.  Her love and support was with me all the way.  She is my dear friend and biggest supporter.  My love and gratitude is endless Natalia!
Michelle    Chittenango, NY

February 29, 2016

My husband and I first met Natalia a little over a year ago. From the first meeting we knew that we had met someone incredibly special that could help me. When I came to Natalia there were times that I could barely walk. Between neurological problems, low vision, and grief over infertility, and the passing of my Mom, I was a mess.
Before even our first official meeting Natalia took the time to get to know me. I wasn’t a medical puzzle to her. I was very much a person with problems that she felt she might be able to help correct. In getting to know me, Natalia helped me to make a number of changes in my lifestyle to improve my health and well being. She didn’t simply prescribe a regimen and tell me to call her in a month. Instead she worked closely with me, monitoring my progress, and refining the process as we got to know each other better. Natalia quickly became a dear friend. Her love and support helped as much as every other change in my life, and both my husband and I consider her to be a dear and trusted friend.
Thanks to Natalia I am a much stronger woman in every way than I was a year ago. I can not wait to see what this year has in store for me. More healing, love, joy and success I am sure, and I know Natalia will be cheering me on.
I know that my mom lead me to Natalia, and I truly consider her to be a blessing.
Natalia: We both love you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Michelle & Dan  Chittenango, NY



Testimonial for Nat


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I came to Natalia after over a year of dealing with high blood pressure and stubborn digestive problems. My mornings were a nightmare, and I had already been treated by two highly recommended physicians. At that point I had almost lost hope that I would ever be normal again.

Within weeks of starting the integrative plan that she designed for me, I was eating better foods, exercising, and taking care of myself emotionally. At last I felt that I was being treated as a person, and not just a patient.

In time, with work, lifestyle changes, and her loving support, I began to see daily positive changes in my health and attitude. It has not been an easy road, but there have been many, many rewards. I feel that I am in better health now (in my 60’s) than I ever was in my 40’s. I was able to reduce my blood pressure medicine significantly, and my last blood work was the best it has been since the year 2000!

Best of all, I enjoy my life! I look forward to waking up in the morning (no longer a nightmare scenario) and all of my family and personal relationships have improved. I am no longer consumed with thoughts of my “illness”, my weight is healthy and stabilized, and I have learned new ways to eat, exercise, reduce stress, and be a more joyous person.

Natalia is able to blend a traditional medical background with her knowledge of the best complimentary therapies available in the area. I trust her expertise and rely on her for information and unconditional support. I feel that I have come a long way in my personal health journey that is ever changing and evolving. I feel confident that when problems arise, she is there to advise, guide and coach. Clean food and regular exercise are a part of my daily life and I am so, so grateful for Natalia for leading the way…

Camille Luteran


Where do I begin when thank you doesn’t even begin to express my infinite gratitude for all that you have done for me over the past 12 years.

My focus at this time will be to concentrate on the last three years where your influence on my physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being have been the greatest. Your influence has proven to be life changing.

When we reconnected three years ago I knew that this was a sign from the universe that my life had to change drastically for the better. I was ready to embark on a positive path for my life and excited to face the challenge. I can appreciate the past because from that I have learned a tremendous amount about myself and the inner strength I possess. Realizing this fact I was truly ready for change.

There you were at the perfect time..you changed everything! Redirected me on the path to health and happiness. A road less traveled and that makes it all the more beautiful.

With your love and guidance I started eliminating gluten from my diet. Being a former marathoner, loving my pasta, bread and pizza, this was no easy task. Then came my first 10 day detox…wow did that change everything! The second detox opened my eyes even more. At the current time I’m gluten, grain and dairy free and stick to a Paleolithic lifestyle the majority of the time. Along with the revolutionary food changes came the right supplementation program. This program included but not limited to Magnesium, Pre-biotics, Pro-biotics, Fish Oils, Glucosamine and Chondroitin and a wonderful Phyto-Multi vitamin.

Today I can say with out a shadow of a doubt that I have NEVER felt better or been stronger! The proof is in the numbers as they say…3 years ago (March 2010) I did the Arnold Pump and Run. This event involves bench pressing 70% of my body weight up to a maximum of 30 times without stopping and followed up with a 5K run shortly after. In 2010, I placed 35th overall while only completing 13 reps. Fast forward to March 2013, I completed 26 reps at a higher weight and placed 8th overall. What can I say I was ecstatic! My next goal will be accomplished in March 2014…30 reps and Top 3 overall!

So this process is not a destination but an amazing journey. Not only learning about proper nutrition and supplementation but most importantly learning about what lies within this gift of a body. Treating it like the temple that it is and reaping the rewards!

In conclusion, I am eternally grateful to you Natalia, for the knowledge and power that you have instilled in me. Without these tools I wouldn’t be where I am today. No plans in place to stop improving and healing myself. You truly are an angel in my life. Keep up this gift that you have at changing people’s lives for the better…the world needs more healers like Natalia Daughton! 🙂

Pictures speak a thousand words..

Much love and gratitude,


Hi Natalia,

As I prepare for Thanksgiving tomorrow and count up my collective blessings, I wanted you to know you are at the top of my “gratitude list”. In the 2+ short months since we first met, you have contributed dramatically to some real positive change in my life in so many ways.

For the first time ever, I feel confident that I’m taking exactly the right supplements to compliment my blood type, my age, my current health status, and to counter-balance the toll my prescriptions take on my body. There is no Doctor in my past or present who has taken that kind of time to match everything so specifically to me.

Hot flashes are almost non-existent now, as well as night sweats. What a relief! Not only am I enjoying eating a far more healthy diet, but you have given me specific advise about where to shop, what to purchase, why that product, right down to particular vendors at the “farmer’s market” for grass-fed meat and eggs from free-range chickens. Who else does that?

You’ve led me to inspirational reading, a Dentist who handles mercury fillings with proper care, ideas for managing dry skin, guided me through a cleanse, and helped me with a perpetual stuffy nose – I can breath! I’ve actually started walking again – a first in about 5 years, and am going to a gym this Saturday to get details about joining.

As you know, this has all come about at just the right time in my life. I was drowning in all my own stuff, and you threw me a life-line. You appeared like an angel out of nowhere and I couldn’t be more appreciative for the genuine interest you have taken in my well-being.

Happy Thanksgiving, Natalia. You deserve every blessing that comes your way. And thank you for helping me to discover that I deserve every blessing as well!

With gratitude,


How do I say thank you !!!

I have seen such an improvement in my son, Gary’s skin and overall condition, that it clearly is remarkable. He is 40 years old and has struggled with severe atopic eczema his entire life — from infancy right on up to adulthood. We have gone to a multitude of physicians ranging from allergists, family practice, dermatologists and nutritionists. His records were even sent to the National Institute of Health. All of whom said “I can cure him”, but to no avail. He has been put on a battery of medicines ranging from over the counter, old wives remedies to hard core steroids. Again very little relief. He has been put on macrobiotic diets for months on end — while they helped him lose weight — it gave no relief for his skin. His entire life has been affected by the condition and appearance of his skin and the continuing pain and discomfort of it. People have not always been kind to him causing emotional stress along with the physical pain.

What I have seen since he has been treated by you is amazing. I can actually see a difference in his skin texture — reverting back to a softer, more normal looking color and condition. Between the diet you have him on and the supplements, I see a change in weight, stomach ailments and breathing that has long been awaited.

While I am convinced this will be a much longer endeavor that most of your clients — to be able to see results makes the treatment even more promising.

Thank you again for all that you have done — the counseling, recommendations and compassionate service have all been top notch, caring and best of all productive.

Karen M

Natalia Daughton and Bare Bones Wellness changed my life…my husbands life…my families lives…for better…for good.

When I first met Natalia Daughton, I was frustrated from years of anti-depressants, yo-yo dieting, workouts that bored me to tears, adult acne, stress and a general feeling of poor health. Seeing it now in writing is funny, at the time I knew I was stressed and felt I had a few issues, but overall figured I was still better off than most and all those things still didn’t feel like a big deal. After all I wasn’t obese, had normal blood pressure, no diabetes etc. I had been through a host of bloodwork testing trying to figure out what was wrong with me, why all the dieting and exercise weren’t working, why I couldn’t shake the lack of energy, only to have the Dr.’s come back and say, “your tests were all great!”
I felt like a complete failure, it was so difficult to have them find nothing, I was starting to wonder if it was just the way I was supposed to feel.

Natalia changed everything. She went through my history, we talked extensively about every aspect of my health, not just the physical but the stress, the depression, everything. She put me on my first cleanse, which I hated every moment of and fought with her about it for the 28 days. Before the cleanse I considered myself a really healthy eater. My friends and relatives had always looked to me for advice about nutrition but none of it prepared me for the willpower I would need for Natalia’s cleanse. I did my best and got through it. Natalia was with me every step of the way, she never gave up on me. She put me on supplements specific to all my defects, talked about the importance of organic eating and less chemicals in personal care products. And in the end, something wonderful happened. Despite my resistance to giving up my coffee, the glass of red wine I wanted and my setbacks along the way, I started to feel better. I lost weight for the first time in a year. And my outlook changed, I was different. My husband noticed, my kids noticed. It was a general feeling of “better”. Hard to describe, but just the same, it was enough to make me want to tackle another round of the cleanse. And this time, I stuck to it. My husband did it with me because he was so excited about how I was feeling.

The happy ending to the story is this. I lost more weight, my husband lost weight. Natalia had helped us find the food sensitivity triggers that made me hold weight, feel sad, get acne and we found what made my husband’s arthritis flare. He had severe arthritis since he was 30, he is now 43. Natalia put him on supplements and that along with our healthy eating has made his arthritis and a lousy case of psoriasis almost non-existent. I have not taken an antidepressant since July of 2009 and I feel awesome. I work out about 2-3 days a week instead of the 6-7 I used to have to do. The weight is staying off, we handle stress better, we stick to our organic foods and stay away from what we know is going to make us feel bad.

So here is the glowing report card. No matter what your ailment, go to Bare Bones Wellness, I have every ounce of confidence in saying that they can help you feel better than you’ve felt in a long time. Instead of wasting all your money on medicine to fight the symptoms, put it into finding the cause and fixing it once and for all and enjoy NOT being medicated the rest of your life!

– Cassie O., Brewerton NY