First Line Therapy

Is a science-based, clinically validated intervention program offering individualized care focusing on addressing underlying causes of chronic illness. This lifestyle program can improve your health and help to reverse the process of chronic illnesses including Metabolic syndrome,  Bloating, Oral Health Conditions, Autoimmune diseases (i.e. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis/Psoriatic Arthritis, Lupus, Type I Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis MS, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Sjögrens Syndrome, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis to name a few),  ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease, Parkinsons, Lyme Disease & its complications, Autism, ADHD, Allergies and all other inflammatory driven processes within your body with the use of proper nutrition, supplementation, movement, stress management and other modalities. This program will lead to improved quality of life.


  • 90-120minute patient assessment (“Bare Bones Consult”): $480
  • Follow-up visits $240/hr

NOTE: A $100/hr charge will be added to any initial consult that requires additional time beyond 120 minutes


Our Holistic Pharmacist never stops looking for  ways to add quality, health and happiness to the lives of her clients. The Aqua Chi Ionic Foot Bath works with your body’s own innate healing capabilities to promote overall wellness. It is a detoxification system that utilizes negative ions to help the body maintain health and vitality. The energy field produced in the water permeates and realigns the body’s energy fields while improving the cells overall oxygen levels. It will increase energy and stamina, while purging your body of toxins. You will receive the added benefits of Reike & Shamanic Healing during your session, Harmonizing your Chakras (energy vortex centers). Your invigorating yet relaxing experience is complete with a magnesium lotion foot rub.

  • Balances the Energy Pathways within the Body to Elevate overall Vitality
  • Enhances your Body’s Ability to Detoxify & Heal
  • May help with Minor Aches, Sore Muscles & Pain
  • Experience is Unique and Specific to Individual’s Level of Health & Needs at that given moment

$120/Treatment (60 minutes)

Enhance your BIOLOGY with this amazing service today!

Ear Candling/Coning

This treatment has been around since the ancient civilizations. It assists in the removal of extra ear wax and impurities which includes bacteria/pathogens from the surrounding tissue. Helps to open the sinus passages, reducing sinus pressure and ear aches. Improve lymphatic flow in the immediate area, alleviate sore throats that may be due to post-nasal-drip. We use only quality engineered Wally’s Beeswax Ear Candles.

  • See the inside of your ear canal before and after treatment
  • Relax and enjoy the pampering! You Deserve It!

$80/45 minutes

Phone Consults

No matter where you are we can help! Don’t let distance be a factor.

Available for phone consultations: $80 per 15 minutes

Personal Shopper

Feeling overwhelmed with what to buy at the grocery store? Want to learn how to eat better? Confused what gluten free, casein free, free range, organic, non-GMO are?

Let us show you the best tasting products available at the grocery store YOU shop at $80

General Medication Review with a Holistic Pharmacist

A one-on-one personalized review of your medication
and the nutrients each medication depletes (1 hour): $160.

Rejuvenating LED Light Therapy

Tissues of the body have the ability to absorb light and use it to stimulate the regeneration of cells. The LED send light through the skin’s epidermis  and trigger a process which produces structural proteins, such as collagen and elastin. When the light hits the powerhouse of the cell (mitochondria) it stimulates the cell’s energy transport system. The cell is then stimulated to produce more structural proteins,  and give it the appearance of improved tone and elasticity.
For *blemishes LEDs increase the release of oxygen carrying endogenous porphyrins – that attack the P. Acne bacteria below the skins surface. *(reVive LED System with Blue light) Blue Light Research

LED Light Therapy has been researched for over 40 years with well over 2,000 scientific papers published

The dpl® FlexPad is engineered to treat pain and sore muscles and accelerate healing in order to reduce or eliminate the need for potentially harmful drugs and expensive and invasive surgery.
dpl® – deep penetrating light activates the production of endorphins and blocks pain-transmitting chemicals, causing
non-narcotic pain relief. Studies have proven the efficacy of 660nm and 880nm LEDs in the management of sports and other muscle injuries and pain.

Increases Circulation, Relieves Joint Aches & Pain, Aids Arthritis Pain and Stiffness, Inflammation, Spasms & Knots, Neuropathy Strain & Stress, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Shoulder Pain, Sore Back, Tight Muscles, Swelling, Bruises, Ankle Problems, Tissue Repair, Neck Pain & Stiffness, Relaxes Muscles, Relieves Muscle Spasms.

$60/treatment (30 minutes)

*We accept HSA and flexible spending accounts (most plans qualify), Venmo, Zelle, Checks, All Major Credit Cards as well as Debit Cards.