Seasonal Cleansing. Why is it so important?

Cleansing with the seasons change and eating seasonably is invaluable to our health. We help our body make the shift into Fall/Winter and then into Spring/Summer.  Focusing on local organically grown produce gives our body the ability to be in rhythm with the nature around us.  When we consume local produce we obtain the healing compounds that the plants have acquired during their exposure to the environment known as phytochemicals Phytochemicals are natural bioactive compounds found in plants (i.e. carotenoids, limone, lycopene, isoflavones, sulfoxides, catechins to name a few and there are many more that have not even been identified). Plants are able to manufacture them as a result of the adaptation to the environment they are thriving in. They posses many mechanisms of action in our body including antioxidant effects, regulating detoxification enzymes, helping to stimulate the immune system, supporting proper hormone metabolism as well as anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects. So important to consume them in their unprocessed state, whole, to get the maximum benefits.

Seasonal cleansing, done properly, is a multi-pronged approach. It will be slightly different each time you cleanse or even dramatically different due to the exposures you had in your life prior to the cleanse. Along with a clinically developed comprehensive powdered formula and food elimination, focusing on foods that support the organs during the cleanse as well as staying hydrated (water as well as naturally decaffeinated/medicinal teas) is important. Other supportive activities such as dry brushing, daily journaling, movement as well as stillness are just some things that will help the process be that much more effective. After all we cleanse on many levels, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Cleansing seasonally is important for our overall health, that’s obvious. I would like to touch upon three areas, that as a holistic pharmacist, I find cleansing to be a key starting point. They include the subject of hormone replacement therapy HRT (bioidentical hormones), low testosterone in men and kicking the opioid or other substance addiction habit. The liver is responsible for the conversion of hormones and has holding places for the drug metabolites (substances that drugs break down to). To me issues with any hormone balance has to have the beginning point of the liver and making sure it is doing it’s job. To me it is obvious, if there are issues in these areas there is some kind of “malfunction” happening and before we add more hormones to the liver load we really need to get that cleared up otherwise we are not doing anyone any favors. The other issue lies with addictions. From sugar to alcohol to drugs before we can have a fighting chance of the chemical dependence issue we must cleanse the liver. Now, mind you, there are many other pieces to these puzzles but I find it very interesting when people are prescribed the hormones or go off of drugs/alcohol there is not a common practice to have them cleanse. Whether it be as simple of a start as food elimination and putting in supportive foods. Of course these conditions require a trained professional to oversee the cleansing process since many health and physical issues can surface. After all, when we cleanse we are “in-the-raw”. No longer do we have our comfort foods to hide behind. Emotions and toxins are stored in our tissues and organs and can present themselves in many ways.

As you can see cleansing seasonably and on schedule is so very important on so many levels. With our busy schedules it’s never the ideal time to cleanse so I always encourage people to simply do the best they can and spend time to prepare. Preparation is key to success as well as having someone to cleanse with. When we have 2 or more people working together towards a common goal success is inevitable. Let’s get back to eating with the seasons and let’s also start seasonably cleansing. You will not only feel better and have increased energy but you are investing in your future health and well-being. Pay it forward or pay it later, your choice. I choose to pay it forward and enjoy my life every step of the way.  I may be 50 years young but I feel better now than I did when I was a teen.

Please send me any comments, personal experiences or things that you have done that you find supportive and Keep Keepin’ On!